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Just a few changes
We are back after an amazing honeymoon in sunny Orlando Florida. Due to upload problems, I was unable to post during our time out there but that just means there is a lot more content about to come your way! In this video i give you a sneak peek at whats to come and talk about some changes we are making at reveal comics, these changes have been in the works for a wile and we are still ironing the finale pieces out but its safe to say its gonna be good.
3 days ago
Merry Christmas
Christmas has come early in this weeks comic but is it welcome?
Also some changes to reveal comics coming very soon, make sure to check out Mondays video as i will be explaining all and giving you a sneak peek at some videos to come.
6 days ago
Now We Are A Clever Girl
New filler comic is up.

With Lee on his honeymoon and Karl being busy with work we've had to fall back to an alternative ending to Now We Are Free.

Normal comics should resume next Friday.

I'm Mike BTW 👍
1 week ago
This week's comic has Scott imaging how the Harry Potter movies ended after a glowing review from Max.
2 weeks ago
He'll find you that's what he does, That's all he does!
Terminator Dark Fate trailer has had mixed reviews, some say its strayed from the originals. So this week we decided to take you back to how it all began.
3 weeks ago