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Triple R
This week see's the start of our Reactions, reviews & rants segment of the videos. A proper formula for it is being worked on, so in future videos expect it to look a bit more polished and with a little less background noise.
3 days ago
A comic about Herpes?
This weeks Comic tackles a more serious topic.
1 week ago
Aliens in kent?
Okay, firstly the thumbnail for the new video is supposed to look that bad, it was my version of one of those "It's real, honestly just click it" thumbnails!

So yeah, this week is another sort of update video shrouded in mystery with an added "what the hell was that strange sound" reaction. New content for the Videos next week (fingers crossed).

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Go on, give em' a click
1 week ago
It's all New Comic Friday
Have you ever had a dream that you're a bird flying through the air?
How bliss full, the open sky all around you, what could go wrong?
1 week ago
Another Week
This week I introduce Hannah's animal Youtube and Instagram channels.
She has been working very hard to get everything up and running, so hard in fact that an end of week wine session was in order.
2 weeks ago